Literature and Languages

The Division of Literature and Languages offers a variety of coursework within each of its seven departments, including literary theory and history, intensive exploration of specific authors or literary periods, cultural studies, creative writing, and foreign language proficiency. Majors within the division include Chinese; English; French; German; Greek, Latin, & Ancient Mediterranean Studies; Russian; and Spanish. There are many interdisciplinary majors that also involve literature.


Faculty Office Hours '22 - Greek, Latin, & Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Get to know Professors Ellen Millender and Tom Landvatter as they discuss GLAM at Reed. They break down the major and answer questions.

Faculty Office Hours '21 - English, Creative Writing, & Comparative Literature

Watch the highlights of faculty office hours as Samiya Bashir, Associate Professor of Creative Writing, Libby Drumm, Professor of Spanish and Humanities, and Jay Dickson, Professor of English and Humanities, talk about the English department and studying creative writing and comparative literature at Reed.

Faculty Office Hours '21 - Languages

Watch highlights of faculty office hours as faculty members talk about the language departments at Reed. You will hear from Ann T. Delehanty, Professor of French and Humanities, Monica Lopez Lerma, Associate Professor of Spanish and Humanities, Naomi Caffee, Assistant Professor of Russian, Katja Garloff, Professor of German and Humanities, and Alexei Ditter, Associate Professor of Chinese.

Alumni Interview with Rob Seamans '96, English

Milyon Trulove, Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, talks with Rob Seamans '96, Reed alum and professor at NYU Stern School of Business.

Questions for Faculty