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Here Ye! Here Ye! Important Information regarding Campus Postings

Student Life & Facilities Teams would like to remind all faculty, staff, students, and campus organizations that postings covering entire glass doorways is not best practices or permitted under NFPA 80 Section 4.1.4, paraphrased here:

Signs must not exceed 5% of the area of the face of the fire door (exterior doors at Reed are fire doors) and may not be installed anywhere that could impair or interfere with the proper operation of the fire door. Putting combustible items on a fire door could interfere with the design of the door.

The safety of our campus community is at stake if we are unable to view the area outside of a building during an emergency (or inside, in some cases) and assess our safety and risks toward egress. This includes both doors and some windows in buildings that require clear viewpoints. The Fire Marshall regularly inspects campus buildings for your safety and security and these flyers stand in direct violation of code. A good rule of thumb is don’t post on doors, instead use the area adjacent to the doors (the sides).

In particular, the Gray Campus Center (GCC) and Eliot Hall is completely covered with postings promoting all of your wonderful events/activities. While we want to support your promotion, please be thoughtful in utilizing the myriad of areas officially set up for posting around campus, or consider sustainability and saving trees by finding other means to promote your event, club, session, opening/performance information (Campus News, Campus Events Calendar, OSE’s Student Events Newsletter, Reed social media, etc.)

Student Life will be cleaning up postings monthly on the last Monday of each month, recycling any posters for events that have already occurred, removing any non-sanctioned flyers, and tidying up the posting areas. If you wish to save your event flyers, please remove them immediately following your event.

Thank you for your attention to this!

Karnell McConnell-Black, Ed.D. Vice President for Student Life

Lynn Valenter, Vice President & Treasurer

For more information, contact Cathy Carrington.

Posted on Oct 13, 2022

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