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Guidance on Student Gatherings & Events

Updated April 9, 2021

Please visit Reed’s COVID-19 Prevention & Response website for comprehensive guidance on holding in-person gatherings and events.  

In-Person Gathering Size Limits

The college applies the sector guidance for gatherings to all nonessential activities wherein community members gather to socialize. Examples include: parties, movie nights, club meetings, game nights, and general social events. 

The sector guidance for gatherings includes recommendations regarding the limits to number of households for gatherings. The household definition cannot easily be applied to a residential campus environment. Therefore, we recommend students apply a “social bubble” definition, defined below, in place of household.

  • Indoors: Maximum six (6) people while Multnomah County is in the “high risk” category.
  • Outdoors: Maximum eight (8) people while Multnomah County is in the “high risk” category.
  • Tabling events: Permitted for information or grab-and-go item distribution. Tabling events require the presence of a minimum of two hosts, one of whom will be responsible for monitoring physical distancing and public health guideline adherence. 

Social bubble: The college recommends students create small, clearly defined groups of eight (8) people or less who have agreed to limit their close social contacts to only those within the bubble. Everyone in the group is aware they are part of the bubble, and they agree to minimize close social contact with people outside of the bubble. A social bubble does not substitute for social-distancing and face-covering protocols.

It is not required to have a staff or faculty member in attendance at events.

Reserving Event Spaces and Tabling Times

Students may book an event space or reserve a table through the IRIS student event registration portal. Instructions are available here.

We also encourage students to register virtual events on IRIS so that they can be advertised through the weekly Events and Programs Newsletter and on 

Rollback of events

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment Group continues to assess the current health risks to the on-campus community and will make suggested operational adjustments as needed. 

Public Health Guidance During In-Person Gatherings & Events

In all cases, in-person event organizers and all attendees must follow individual public health guidance issued by Reed and comply with federal, state, and local COVID-19 public health protocols. 

The event organizer is responsible for communicating this guidance to all attendees prior to the event and ensuring that attendees comply during the event.

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