Course load

A normal full-time schedule is defined as 3 to 4.5 units per semester, or 6 to 9 units per year exclusive of physical education. A minimum of 30 units is required for graduation.


An overload is any semester schedule over 4.5 units. Students must petition the Administration Committee in order to register for an overload. A petition for waiver of policy is required for each semester in which an overload is requested. Approvals are based on the student's academic record, rationale and support from the adviser and/or instructor.


An underload is any semester schedule of fewer than 3 units. Students wishing to enroll in an underload and pay reduced tuition must petition the Administration Committee by submitting a petition of waiver of policy to the registrar's office by the end of the first week of classes, with support from their adviser. Students wishing to enroll in an underload later in the semester with no reduction of tuition must submit an add/drop form to the registrar's office signed by their adviser and one of the deans in Student Life. 

Students in their thesis year must comply with the requirement that they complete no fewer than six units in the year. A two-unit semester in the thesis year is not considered part-time enrollment and does not require approval. Students admitted to part-time programs (for example, Young Scholars, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies) are not required to obtain approval for an underload.

Students enrolled for two or more units must pay the student body fee.

(last modified: May 29, 2019)