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Division of Student Services

Because students who are engaged in community on campus tend to be more successful both in and out of the classroom, the Student Activities office strives to nurture cross-campus involvement and to foster the intentional development of the whole student. We do this through support of student senate and student groups and through programs such as the Gray Fund, Reed Arts Week, the Leadership and Involvement Series, and much more.

Hello, and welcome to the student activities office! If you don't find the answers to your questions, feel free to call or visit us. We're always eager to meet new people, and we usually have candy for visitors. We hope to be a great resource for the campus community–so come see what we can offer.

The student activities office serves four major purposes at Reed College as we advocate for students and their activities. All of these purposes address our goal of providing experiences that complement the academic program, support student retention, and increase student satisfaction.

  • Resources for students to manage their events and organizations
  • Programs to ease transition to Reed
  • Opportunities for entertainment and educational events on and off campus
  • Resources to help students gain the most from their involvement and engage in personal development

Major Programs & Services

Other Services:

  • Key requests for student spaces
  • Funding or co-sponsorship of student events (on a limited basis)
  • Student lockers

For more information on anything in this website or about the office, please feel free to call or email the student activities office.

Contact Student Activities


Phone: 503/788-6692
Fax: 503/788-6657
Office: Student Center

Kristin Holmberg

Claudia Ramirez Islas
Assistant Director

Matt Marcott
Administrative Coordinator