Grants & Faculty Scholarship

Kristen Anderson, psychology
National Institutes of Health
Facilitating Adolescent Self-Change for Alcohol Problems

Kara Cerveny, biology
National Institutes of Health
From Susceptibility to Signals: How Extrinsic Cues Alter Stem and Progenitor Cell

Paul Currie, psychology
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Anxiogenic Effects of Ghrelin: Interaction with Urocortin, Cannabinoid, and Serontonergic Mechanisms

Julie Fry, chemistry
Environmental Protection Agency
EPA-STAR: Anthropogenic influence on biogenic VOC oxidation: the role of NOx pollution in secondary organic aerosol production in the Southeast U.S.

Julie Fry, chemistry
NOAA, Climate Program Office
Collaborative Research: Influence of NO3 on secondary aerosol formation: analysis and interpretation of real-time field observations

Tim Hackenberg, psychology
National Institutes of Health
Behavioral Economics in a Laboratory-Based Token Economy

Rebecca LaLonde, chemistry
Research Corporation for Science Advancement
Bismuth(III)-Chiral Anion Complexes: Creating An Environmentally-Friendly, Versatile, Chiral Catalyst

Jay Mellies, biology
National Institutes of Health
Pch Super Family Regulators of Gram-Negative Pathogens

Noelwah Netusil, economics
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Adaptive matching estimators for property valuation with application to urban stream restoration

Kyle Orsmby, mathematics
National Science Foundation
RUI: Structure and computations in motivic and chromatic homotopy

Angélica Osorno, mathematics
Simons Foundation
Categorical inputs for infinite loop machine spaces

Jeffrey Parker, economics
Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program
Macroeconomics in Recently Divided States

James Pommersheim, mathematics
AFOSR (Air Force Office of Scientific Research)
Applications of Quantum Computing in Aerospace, Science, and Engineering

Johnny Powell, physics
Undergraduate research in N-body simulations of galactic bars

Susan Renn, biology
National Science Foundation
RUI: Collaborative Research: Maternal Transitions in a Mouth-Brooding Cichlid

Sarah Schaack, biology
National Science Foundation
CAREER: Upon Which Selection Can Act: Quantifying How Mutation and Environment Generate Genotypic & Phenotypic Variation in an Emerging Ecological & Evolutionary Genomic Model

Todd Schlenke, biology
National Institutes of Health
A Model System For Host-Pathogen Interactions: Drosophila And Its Parasitic Wasps

Todd Schlenke, biology
National Science Foundation
Evolution Of Behavioral Immune Responses In Fruit Flies: Tradeoffs, Mechanisms, And Genetics

Marc Schneiberg, sociology
National Science Foundation
RUI: Community Bank and Credit Union Effects on Communities and Local Economies in the US during the Great Recession

Paul Silverstein, anthropology
Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program
Moroccan Miners, Berber Activists and the Future of Cosmopolitan Belgium

Erik Zornik, biology
National Institutes of Health
Generating Motor Rhythms through Recurrent Feedback Circuitry