Comparative Literature

Our Majors

Why are you a Comp Lit major?

"Hey. I’m Jess, a junior Comp Lit major from New York City. I am studying literature and art history and am focusing on Russian academic art as it intersected with French Salon painting of the mid-19th Century. Additionally, I am interested in observing Russian reception of Western art as it modernized, especially in the cases of Impressionism in France and the preceding Wanderers and subsequent World of Art movements in Russia." –JESS
"嗨!I'm Malin, a Comp Lit junior from Chicago with an allied field in women/gender studies. I will hopefully be writing a thesis comparing contemporary Chinese and American/English literature, poetry and film created by female-identified people! I'm interested in feminisms, gender theories, and ideologies/critiques of nationalism expressed by the two national canons through various mediums. I may choose to incorporate some aspects of more traditional ancient/medieval Chinese lit to demonstrate how certain aspects of Chinese history influenced today's forms of expression." –MALIN
"I'm a junior Comp Lit major. I'm focusing on Latin American literature and the topic of translation (both as a philosophy and a practice). I'm reading the works of my favorite authors both in their original form of Spanish or Portuguese, and in their English translations, in order to discuss the nuances of language, the untranslatable, and other things." –ZOË
"I'm a 22-year-old junior, originally from New York City. As a Comp Lit major I am studying English and Russian literature, primarily focusing on the novel and on poetry. I am particularly interested in Modernism, and would ideally like to incorporate Modernist works from both Russian and America into my thesis." –CHARLES
"My concentration within comparative literature is film theory and history, with a side-order of critical and queer studies. So far my main discovery is that you can never truly discover anything, just its ideological image. Do with that what you will." –DYLAN
"I am studying Comparative Literature to engage with a variety of art forms (writing, imagery etc.) in themselves as well as in relation to one another. To give an example, I am interested in writing, photography and film, and how they are related." –TIGRIS

Our Graduates

"I'm a senior 'Gen Lit' major focusing on German and French texts from the first half of the twentieth century. I use literary (a poem!) and not so literary texts to discuss how (perhaps since Nietzsche?) our theories of signification and meaning have been grounded on an idea of history. I chose this period because I think the then accepted theories of historicity were challenged by the advancements in literary, scientific, and war techniques. My very tentative thesis title is: 'Biography, Phylogeny, Geistesgeshichte. A question of genre.'" –CAROL