Comparative Literature


Comparative Literature 201 - Introduction to Comparative Literature: Memory and Violence

Full course for one semester. The aim of the course is to introduce students to the field of comparative literature as a study of literature across the boundaries of national traditions and other disciplines. The students will learn various modes of textual analysis and apply them in their reading of texts from different historical periods and languages. The course will address the following central topics: problems of translation and interpretation; history and development of genres; dynamics and processes of colonization and globalization; constructions of identity and cultural memory (race, gender, class, ethnic); the relationship between literature and cinema; and the place of literature in the digital age. In 2015–2016, the course will address these issues through the investigation of literary and cinematic portrayal and representation of historical violence and memory. The students will analyze texts and films by Hebrew, Russian, American, Italian, French, Indonesian, and other authors. Conference.

Comparative Literature 470 - Thesis

Full course for one year.

Current (2015-16) Courses that Apply Toward the Comparative Literature Requirements

All literature courses at Reed can count towards the Comparative Literature major as part of a well-designed program. Please consult any of the members of the comparative literature committee for help in planning your major.