video conferenceVideoconferencing

The mLab can be a great venue for videoconferening. You can and use our computers, camera, mics, and speakers to connect with people at a remote site in real time. Assistance is also available to help you connect using your own computer.

In the lab we have several different solutions, appropriate for different needs, including:

  • Skype is great for connecting to a single remote site. Skype can keep a text chat on the screen along with the video and audio.  Skype is a good platform formeetings and interviews where a group at Reed needs to interact with a distant person or group, and all or almost all of the communication is by voice. Skype is free. 
  • GoToMeeting has many features including voice and video support, screen sharing, and text chat. Contact us at for login information.

If you are interested in exploring how you might use videoconferencing in the mLab or at your desk, contact us at