Educational Technology Center (ETC) 226

Hours:24/7 with faculty ID (students by arrangement)


mLab photo

The mLab offers a collection of resources and services to support the use of technology for teaching and research. The mLab complements other IT support offerings by providing in-depth support, hands-on help, and cutting-edge gear to help faculty learn about new technologies and get the greatest benefits of using technology in their teaching.

Here are some reasons you might want to visit the mLab:

  • You've heard about a new technology and want to get help trying it and advice on how it might work for you
  • You need a place to do videoconferencing
  • You need access to a special technology like a large-format scanner or GIS software
  • You want help with a project that uses technology in teaching
  • You want to learn about how other faculty are using technology
  • You need some technology training
  • You want to explore new technologies like clickers or smartboards
  • You need to borrow a piece of high-tech gear like an iPod Touch, digital SLR, or tablet PC
  • You need to collaborate with a few people around a large monitor or a projector

Interested?  Here's how to get started.  Also on these pages you can learn more about the resources and staff of the mLab, as well as our purpose and schedule.