Withdrawal from the college

Withdrawing from the college indicates a student's desire to separate from Reed permanently. When a student wants a temporary absence of a semester or a year and either intends to return to Reed or has not yet decided whether or not to return, a leave of absence is the more appropriate option. To withdraw from the college it is necessary to complete a withdrawal form that is available from the student services office. The student must obtain the signatures of his or her adviser, a dean of student services, and staff members of other relevant offices (for example, residence life and financial aid). These signatures are required to ensure that students have had the opportunity to discuss their options and plans and to make sure that withdrawing is the most appropriate action (in some cases a leave of absence, medical leave of absence, or an emergency absence may be more appropriate). The completed withdrawal form must be returned to the student services office.

Students may withdraw from the college through Monday of the first day of the tenth week of the semester (see the academic calendar for the specific date). After that date, withdrawal from classes is not allowed. If a student stops attending classes without completing the withdrawal process, failing grades will be recorded for those classes. In cases when personal emergency or health prevent a student from attending classes after the deadline for withdrawal, the student should consult with the student services office and the adviser. Students withdrawing at the end of the first semester should realize that credit is not normally given for one semester of a yearlong course. To obtain credit, they must request permission from the course instructor and submit the completed form to the registrar's office.

Continuing students who do not register for the semester immediately following their most recent enrollment are considered to have withdrawn from the college. Students who wish to reserve a place for re-entry may either apply for a leave of absence by the deadline or file an application for readmission when they are ready to return.

Withdrawal and leave of absence forms are available in the student services office, Eliot 218.

See the catalog for a complete listing of the refund policy.

(last modified: August 19, 2016)