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Pyramid of the Magician (Adivino)

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Image Survey

Pyramid of the Magician (Adivino), west front, after major restorations of 20th century.
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens)
South end, showing near-profile of east staircase.
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens)
 East front, with taller, wider staircase than on west front. Hole near top of staircase dug by archaologists to study temple 2 inside, which had been entirely covered by later construction.
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens)
1975. "Uxmal-Pyramid of the Magician" (elevation and plan).
Scanned from George F. Andrews, Maya Cities, Placemaking and Urbanization, 1975, p 40. Reproduced with permission of the University of Oklahoma Press.
Stepped flight of 12 masks on each side of stairs, set back from stair steps; also showing rare surviving portions of Temple I next to staircase.
Nov. 1999
One of 12 corner masks in stepped flight on right side of grand staircase; showing complex mosaic design with a separate stone for each facial feature, the upturned snout broken.
Jan. 2001
Northwest rounded corner with Temple IV mask entrance and Temple V on top.                              Jan. 2001 (200mm lens)
 Temple IV: An enormous zoomorphic mask with entrance to temple as a mouth; stack of 8 masks on each corners.
Jan. 2002 (200mm lens)
 Temple V: Looking south across front facade, the doorway reconstructed with reinforced concrete doorjambs and lintel; surviving pelvis of sculpted figure tenoned into wall.
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens)
Surviving top of Temple IV, protected with concrete covering, son et lumière fixtures installed.
Jan. 2003 (24mm lens)
 Temples IV and V lit by colored lights during son et lumière show; see light fixtures on top of Temple IV in photo at left.
March 2002 (200mm lens)
Consolidating south side, required because of pre-19th century collapse and damage from major 1988 hurricane.
Jan. 2002
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