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Pyramid of the Magician (Adivino)

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Temple IV

Front of Temple IV in the form of a highly ornamented Chenes style mask; stairs on both sides of Temple IV added for Temple V.
Jan. 2002
An enormous zoomorphic mask with entrance to temple as a mouth; stack of 8 masks on both corners (cf. 1844 print below-left).
Jan. 2002
Looking up at the front, corner, and right side of Temple IV.
Nov. 1999

1844. "11. Gateway of the Great Teocallis at Uxmal".
Chromolithograph in Frederick Catherwood, Views of Ancient Monuments in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan, 1844. Based on Catherwood’s 1839-42 on-site drawing, but for this lavish folio slightly straightened and reconstructed. This image scanned from a 35mm slide taken from a copy in the AMNH (RF-13-K). Reproduced Courtesy of The Library, Special Collections, American Museum of Natural History.

1917. "Fig. 88. Uxmal. House of the Magician. South front. The foremost of the two rooms or buildings on the current top surface that is now found at half its original height."
Scanned from Eduard Seler, “Die Ruinen von Uxmal,” 1917; drawing by Wilhelm von Steinen, based on sketches by Teobert Maler and Caecilie Seler and drawings by the Eduard Seler.
1936. Temple IV, South Side.
1936 photograph in the Spinden Collection, Haffenreffer Museum (SP.15-127T). Scanned from a 35mm slide taken from a high quality internegative. Reproduced Courtesy of the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Brown University.
Temples IV and V lit by colored lights during son et lumière show.
March 2002 (200mm lens)
Covered passageway behing Temple IV at left.
Jan. 2003 (24mm)
Covered passageway behing Temple IV at right.
Jan. 2003 (24mm)

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