Eliot Circular

Two for Tenure

Juliane Fry, associate professor of chemistry & environmental studies [2008–] and Mary Ashburn Miller, associate professor of history & humanities [2008–] were granted tenure effective August 2014. 

Fry earned a BS in chemistry, with minors in physics, German, and women’s studies, from the University of Rochester, and a PhD in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. She has been a climate fellow at the Environmental and Energy Study Institute in Washington, D.C., and did postdoctoral research at UC Berkeley, studying mechanisms of atmospheric aerosol formation. Her research is focused on atmospheric and environmental chemistry, specifically on interactions between human-produced nitrogen oxides (NOx) and climate-relevant atmospheric aerosol particles. 

Miller’s interests are in revolutionary-era France and Europe and modern European cultural and intellectual history. She earned a BA in 2001 from the University of Virginia and an MA and PhD from Johns Hopkins University, and is the author of A Natural History of Revolution.