Laurie, Laurie, Hallelujah

Last fall, without fanfare, Class Notes Editor Laurie Lindquist retired after 29 years at Reed. But a beautiful fanfare would be richly deserved (as, no doubt, is her retirement). Because for many years she has been the heart and soul of the magazine’s class notes and especially the pieces that are now called In Memoriam, many years of which can now be found online. For those of us who have lost someone from Reed and had something we needed to say about them, Laurie gave us the place to say it. Much of the time she herself found the people and the resources (the Oral History Project for one) to make a true memorial to the classmates we remember—and also gave us a sense of the essence and value of people we’d never heard of, but who were part of our community, and this was our chance to meet them. 

It was a gift that brought a lot of healing with it, and we can only be grateful for her service, and wish her the very best in whatever she puts her mind—and her extraordinary heart—to next.

By Cricket Parmalee ’67 and David Casseres ’65

Editor's Note: Hear, Hear! Laurie’s contributions to the magazine are legion (and legendary), and she has probably written and edited more words about Reed and Reed alumni than anyone alive. We are heartbroken to see her go but happy that she will now have time to pursue her various pursuits.