Eliot Circular

Fowl Play

Elusive icon materializes... in shackles!

The Doyle Owl materialized on the lawn in front of Eliot Hall in April, drawing a throng of students eager to witness its apparition—and plot its abduction.

There was, however, a hitch: the Owl was chained to the flagpole, severely constricting its freedom of movement. Fortunately, an enterprising student managed to acquire a reciprocating saw and cut through its unseemly bonds. Once liberated, the Owl became the center of an epic free-for-all as competing factions attempted to tug the concrete talisman to and fro. As the brawl intensified, a student sprinkled a liquid alleged to be cougar urine on the crowd, but the jar was unceremoniously wrested from his grasp and poured over his head, to the delight of the assembled multitude. 

The Owl emerged from the fracas unscathed and reappeared on the eve of Renn Fayre, but was soon whisked away and remains at large.