The Pacifist Menace

The article by Raymond Rendleman ’06, “The Pacifist Menace” (March 2015), was a most excellent and informative piece of writing. The article was especially interesting to me, though I do not have a degree from Reed. I was among the soldiers in the premeteorology program in 1943–44 for training in another world war, incubated by the first, as notably predicted by President W.T. Foster [1910–19]. That year at Reed made me supremely aware of the excellence of Reed’s faculty in the courses they taught and the contribution Reed was making to the intellectual and moral strength of another generation of soldiers in training. After serving in World War II as a B-29 radar communications officer, I went to Stanford for graduate studies, where David Starr Jordan was of course also a familiar name. I was on the Reed campus only one time after leaving in 1944, to visit my former fellow company officer at TIAA-CREF, Paul Bragdon [1971–88], another remarkable Reed president.

—Francis P. King ’44

New York, NY 10021