Don’t Fade Away

Chris Lydgate ’90
Dont Fade Away

Most Reed alumni would agree that our years at Reed leave an indelible imprint, a sort of intellectual tattoo we carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Don’t let the ink fade away.

The monetary goal for the Annual Fund this year is to raise a whopping $4,370,000—an audacious target that reflects an astonishing degree of generosity from alumni, friends, and admirers.

The good news is that most Reed alumni support the college. Out of our approximately 14,500 alumni readers, 62% have given to Reed at some point in the last ten years. The bad news is that the number of alumni who give every year— our most loyal donors—has been dropping. 

Let’s reverse that trend. As I write, 3,804 alumni have given to Reed this year, which means we need 596 of you to step forward and make a gift.

Every gift counts. 

What’s more, if you make your gift to Reed before June 30, a generous group of donors will match it dollar-for-dollar (up to $1,000). 

The Annual Fund supports practically everything at Reed— financial aid, professor salaries, services to students, and the magazine you are holding in your hands. 

Don’t let the ink fade away.