Reedite Deplores “Reedie”

I guess I am an old intolerant troglodyte as the current March Reed magazine would seem to indicate, but when I find myself and other alumni, including elegant Italian Emilio Pucci MA ’37, lumped page after page as a “Reedie,” I have to comment. On page 8, I read, “Reedies are extraordinarily good at problem solving,” but this is a trend that I do not know how to solve. My classmates did not use this diminutive or think of President Dexter Keezer [1934–42] as “prexy,” though we did have some less polite names for him. I learned and worked and played and enjoyed my time at Reed, as did my husband, but this cutesy quality makes going to a holiday party with “more than 200 Reedies” (page 11) a hard fit.

—Rosina Corbett Morgan ’41

Lake Oswego, Oregon