Rediscovering a Master

By Bill Donahue

Prof. Sarah Wagner-McCoy unearths new manuscripts that cast fresh light on the first major African-American novelist.

Cheating Heisenberg

By William Abernathy ’88

Kater Murch ’02 predicts the unpredictable qubit.

Apocrypha: Traditions, Myths, & Legends

DIMWIT and Doctor John

By David W. Digby ’57

Reed's first computer was built out of discarded pinball relays.

Adventures in the First Person

Inside Job

By Maddy Wagar ’16

Reed student gets an education about life behind bars

Life Beyond Reed

Our recurring series explores how the liberal arts shape the careers of Reed grads.

Video: Nocturnal Canyon Visitors
This footage, taken from late October to early November 2014, was part of a senior biology thesis by Jacob Kraus ’15 that measured the distribution and diversity of small mammal communities throughout the Reed College Canyon. Nutria, raccoons, opposum, and beavers can be seen in the video, as well as dam being built.