Alumni board bylaws

To provide the nominations committee more time to solicit and deliberate on nominations, the alumni board approved the following revisions to the Constitution of the Alumni Association.

ARTICLE VII Nominations and Elections

Section 5. The nominating committee, on or before November 15, shall nominate one candidate for each position to be filled except for representatives of local chapters.

Section 6. As soon as possible after November 15, notice of the nominees, including a brief biographical sketch of each, and procedure for proposing alternate nominees, will be printed in a college publication sent to all alumni. Additional nominations for each vacant position may be submitted by petition from the membership. Said petitions must contain the name and a brief biographical sketch of the nominee, the office to be filled, and the signatures of 50 or more members of the Alumni Association. Petitions must be received in the alumni relations office on or before April 1.

Section 7. Petitioners for each of the officer positions shall indicate the office for which they seek nomination. Those seeking one of the vacant at-large positions on the board of directors should indicate only that they seek one of these seats, and are not to indicate that they wish to stand for election in opposition to any specific nominee.

Section 8. In all offices for which there is only one nominee on April 1, the nominee shall be considered elected as of that date.

Section 9. Election for all offices for which there are more nominees than positions available shall be by ballot. On or before May 1, ballots shall be mailed to all members of the Alumni Association. The nominees shall appear on the ballot by name and class only. All ballots shall be accompanied by a copy of the appropriate constitutional provisions and a list of the nominees, with a brief biographical summary listing the nominees’ professional, civic, and alumni activities prepared by the alumni director. Candidates may submit a statement on behalf of their candidacy of not more than 300 words. This statement will be transmitted with the ballot and other information by the college at no cost to the petitioners.

Section 11. All ballots must be received by the alumni relations office by May 24 in order to be counted. The supervision of the election and the counting of the ballots shall be by the board of directors. The nominees receiving the greatest number of votes for each office shall be elected. Candidates for the vacant at-large seats on the board of directors will be ranked according to the number of votes received, and the vacancies filled beginning with the candidate receiving the greatest number of votes. In the event of a tie vote, the board of directors shall elect the candidate from among the tied candidates.