The New (Olde) Reed Almanac

Edited by Chris Lydgate ’90

An irreverent compendium of the ideas, episodes, people, and traditions that have shaped Reed in the last 100 years.

Guerrilla Archivist

By Matt Smith ’90

Ephemeral librarian Megan Shaw Prelinger ’90 breaks every rule in the book.

Such Sweet Thunder

By Bill Donahue

Reed music professor David Schiff searches for the real Duke Ellington.

In Memoriam

Prodigal Son

By Chris Lydgate ’90

Steve Jobs [1955–2011]

Apocrypha: Traditions, Myths, & Legends

Origin of the Scrounge

By Raymond Rendleman ’06

Tracking down the first fork-wavers.

VIDEO: The Belly of the Beest

A band of ingenious Reedies has pulled off a engineering triumph known as the Beest, a wheelless vehicle with twelve articulated legs, which scuttles across the floor of the SU like a gargantuan headless spider. See more at Sallyportal.