Privacy, Web & Copyright Policies

Student Body Web Server Policy

The student body of Reed College is authorized to establish a student organization web site subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Official Reed student organizations may contract with off-campus ISPs. However, for a link to be allowed to external web sites from the official Reed College web site, student organization web sites shall adhere to the college's web policy, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Reed College privacy policy, and other applicable policies.
  • Official Reed student organizations which have a faculty or staff sponsor are eligible to host web sites on the Reed web server, provided they adhere to the policies and laws described below.


  • The student organization's web site will be housed on a computer owned and operated by the Reed College student body. The college will provide hardware repair service for the web server (if it is a model supported by computer user services), but will not provide other technical support, such as software purchasing, software troubleshooting, or web page development.
  • The college will provide a fixed IP address and access through the firewall to the webserver. The webserver will be configured to adhere to IT security procedures, so as not to pose a security threat to the broader campus network. If the student organization's server is the source of a security breach, the college reserves the right to disconnect the server until the breach is resolved. IT technical staff will have root access to the server.
  • The senate will designate a webmaster, who will coordinate with IT staff to ensure that current policy and security practices are being upheld. Any effort by the student organizations webmaster or others associated with student organizations to compromise access limitations to the student server will result in the removal of the student server from the Reed network.
  • Student organization web sites which reside on the Reed network shall be accessible to current students, faculty, and staff only, both on campus and off.  Off campus access will require authentication by a method to be established by IT. In special circumstances in which access is needed for the public or others outside the Reed community,, student organizations can request permission for access from the CIO ( Approval criteria will include: benefit to the college and support by a faculty or staff sponsor and the Web Coordinating Committee.  When needed, authentication methods will be determined by IT.
  • Access to the student organization web server from off-campus will require authentication by a method to be established by IT.
  • The Quest, if hosted on the Reed network, will not be made accessible from off-campus and will remain behind the Reed network firewall.
  • All student organization web sites hosted on the Reed network shall adhere to the college's web policy. Student organization web sites are part of the Reed College computing network and are subject to the policies governing the use of computing resources at the college. In particular:

    "Material published on the Reed web site is expected to reflect the community's educational purpose, broadly defined to include the breadth of its social and cultural activity, and to express the community's regard for ethical behavior, including compliance with the honor principle and college-wide acceptable computer use policies. No material will be published that violates any licensing or contractual agreement, law, or college regulation or policy."

  • Student organization web sites will adhere to the Reed data privacy policy, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, under which Reed College is a registered service provider.
  • If college guidelines are violated or disregarded, or if a complaint is made concerning material on a student organization web site, the college reserves the right to suspend network access to the student web site while the matter is referred to the web policy committee. Decisions of the committee may be appealed to the president.
  • Student organization web sites will prominently display a statement indicating that: "The materials contained on this web site are presented by student organizations and do not necessarily reflect the views of either the broader student population or of Reed College."
  • Student organization web sites will not contain commercial advertisements or other commercial materials.
  • Student organization web sites will be subject to bandwidth shaping in order to prevent contention with academic, research, or administrative network usage.
  • Student organization web pages will be linked from the "student organizations" page on the Reed College web site (to be located on the "current students" page.)
  • The senate shall take steps to ensure that all students, now and in the future, who prepare materials for posting on student organization web sites or who are involved with the management or maintenance of the student server will be familiarized with, and abide by, the student organization web site policy.

  • updated November 15, 2022
  • Revised by the Computing Policy Committee, December 14, 2012
    Troy Cross, Dena Hutto, Gabe Leavitt, Aki Miyoshi, Luc Monnin, Christine Morita-McVey, Karen Perkins, Rao Potluri, Marty Ringle, David Schiff (chair), Amy Schuckman, Kjersten Whittington
  • Revised by the Web Policy Committee, September 15, 2005
    Ed Hershey, Paul Marthers, Ed McFarlane, Marty Ringle, Jon Rivenburg (chair), Peter Rock, Pat Wong
  • Revised by the Web Policy Committee, March 28, 2003
    Mark Bedau, Paul Marthers, Maryanne McClellan, Ed McFarlane, Christopher Rempel, Marty Ringle, Jon Rivenburg (chair), Wendy Shattuck
  • Approved by the Web Policy Committee, March 1, 2002:
    Andrew Buchanan '05, Ed McFarlane, Paul Marthers, Chris Moses (’03), Robert Reynolds, Marty Ringle, Jon Rivenburg (chair), Harriet Watson, Pat Wong