Separation of Variables
Vectors and inner products
Linear operators
Schrodinger's Equation
Infinite Square Well
Harmonic Oscillator I
Harmonic Oscillator Physics
Energy and Free Particles
Free Particle Gaussians
Delta Potential
Finite step potential
Piecewise Potentials
Bases and Braket Notation
Gaussian Scattering Examples
Momentum Basis and Expectation Values
Uncertainty Principles
Midterm I Recap
Quantum Mechanics in D=3
Series Solution
Simple V(r)
Radial Equation Discussion
Angular Momentum
Review Homework
Stern-Gerlach and Angular Momentum Addition
Hydrogen states of total J
Multiple Particle States
Introduction to Perturbative Methods
Degenerate Perturbations
Fine Structure - Relativistic Correction
Relativistic QM I
Dirac Equation