Diversity and Your Department

Resources for addressing diversity and inclusion

General (The Arts)

Allan, J. (2014). Inclusive Education and the Arts. Cambridge Journal of Education, 44, 511-523. (PDF)

The first part of this essay surveys current debates about including disabled students in special education versus mainstream education. Allan then moves into discussing how the arts, such as literature and dance, can be effective routes of inclusion and expression for disabled students. This article would be helpful for any professor, across the disciplines, that wishes to engage in disability studies.

Engdahl, E. (2012). The East Bay Center for the Performing Arts: A Model for Community-Based Multicultural Arts Education. Multicultural Education(2), 43-48. (PDF)

This article provides a portrait and history of the East Bay Center, which provides arts-based education to students of low-income families. It describes the Center's guiding goals, which allow them to engage with and enrich a richly multicultural community. Although this article focuses on education for pre-college students, the goals in the second half of the article also apply to arts education at a collegiate level.