Humanities 411

Senior Symposium

The senior symposium provides a common core of study for seniors of all divisions and promotes an exchange of experience in an effort to understand critical problems of our age. Each section of the course is limited to 15 students and is guided by two or three faculty members representing different divisions. Hum 411 is a 0.5 unit course (P/NP) and meets for two hours one evening per week to discuss significant works written or produced in recent years. Selected works comprise a variety of genres, such as memoir, graphic novel, short fiction, poetry, sociological case study, film, and investigative journalism. The course considers themes such as understanding how we talk to one another, appreciating the meaning and history of words and their weight once they have been spoken, reflecting on the difficult art of describing other people's lives, and recognizing just how hard it is to listen and hear and translate others' experiences.