I am a historian of Modern Imperial Britain, and I research migration, citizenship, and the welfare state in the twentieth century. My book on how the welfare state shaped British multiculturalism will be published by Oxford University Press. I have published book chapters on late imperial colonial development and welfare services for Asian women. I also wrote "Performing Multiculturalism: The Commonwealth Arts Festival of 1965" for The Journal of British Studies.

I am also interested in sharing my scholarship with the public. My co-written Imperialism: A Syllabus will soon by an introductory volume published by Columbia University Press. I have also written about Enoch Powell's 1968 Rivers of Blood speech and the imperial origins of anti-immigrant sentiment in Britain as well as on teaching imperial history in multi-racial classrooms. My first children's book, Hear Our Voices, will be published by Wide-Eyed Press in September, 2023.

I received my PhD in 2013 from the University of California, Berkeley, and I joined the Reed faculty in 2014. At Reed, I offer courses in British, Imperial, and twentieth century history and I also teach in the college’s interdisciplinary Humanities Program.