Claudia Jones Reading the West Indian Gazette, London, 1960s, New York Public Library Digital Collections


Follow me on twitter @RadhikaAN for tweets on history, higher ed, and food. Below are some of my favorite resources for British History.

General History Resources

History News Network

Institute of Historical Research

Reviews in History

Imperial Britain Research Guide, Reed College Library



The British Library

The British Museum

London Metropolitan Archives

The National Archives

The Women’s Library, London School of Economics


Online Resources

Birmingham Black Oral History Project

British Cartoon Archive, University of Kent

British Pathé

Charles Booth Online Archive

The Colonial Film Database

Exploring Twentieth Century London

Life Magazine

Hansard (Parliamentary Debates)

Mrs. Beeton’s Dictionary of Every-Day Cookery

Observing the 80s

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

The Times (London)


My favorite blogs

Africa in Words

Africa is a Country

California Mwananchi

Chapati Mystery

Hatful of History

The IHR Blog

Imperial & Global Forum, Centre for Imperial and Global History at the University of Exeter

Modern British Studies @ Birmingham

Notches: (Re)Marks on the History of Sexuality

Now That’s What I Call History