Institutional research office

Eliot 410

Institutional research is broadly viewed as a range of activities involving the collection, analysis, and interpretation of information descriptive of an institution and its activities, including its students, faculty, and staff, programs, management, and operations. As a source of reliable, comprehensive, and authoritative data and information, this office seeks to assist Reed's academic and administrative leaders in planning and decision-making. Institutional research also oversees the college's responses to national surveys and ad hoc requests for data.

This office typically surveys students on admission characteristics, their aspirations, academic and non-academic experiences while at Reed, and educational and career attainment as alumni. The results are used to refine and inform programs and institutional decision-making. Institutional research also closely collaborates and assists in regularized institutional assessment and accreditation processes.

Institutional research routinely publishes annual and historical information on its website at

(Page last modified: November 29, 2023)