International programs office

Eliot 203

The international programs office works with students in their exploration of international and domestic off-campus study opportunities that complement their education at Reed. Reed faculty have approved more than 50 partner institutions/programs for Reed students.

The office also coordinates on-campus international programs including the Language Scholar Program. Language scholars come to Reed from exchange partners in France, China, Russia, Germany, Spain and Latin America. In addition, the College, with assistance from the U.S. Fulbright Program, brings a scholar each year from the Arabic speaking world. These young scholars live in Reed's language houses, assist with conversation classes, and enliven the extracurricular offerings of the college.

The Director, as a member of the College's Fellowships and Awards Committee, is also a resource for students interested in international scholarships such as Fulbright and Watson. Working collaboratively with the Committee and other administrative officers the Director can guide students in how undergraduate international study can open avenues in their careers.

(Page last modified: May 16, 2023)