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Awards listed on the Fellowships and Awards website require a rigorous internal evaluation process based on an internal application. The Fellowships and Awards Committee, a committee of six faculty, evaluates the internal applications and decides whom to nominate for each award.*  Those nominated then complete the final application.

Students who are interested in getting information about these nationally competitive awards should make an appointment to talk about the selection criteria for each award and the process for applying, including writing the required essays. They may also just ask to be added to a mailing list for a particular award (Watson, Fulbright, Goldwater/Udall) in order to receive notice of information sessions on each that are scheduled in the spring. Students may also ask for information or assistance about awards that are not on this list.

*The exception to this process is the Fulbright scholarship. In this instance, the committee assigns a numerical grade to the application and completes a letter of evaluation. ALL Fulbright applications completed by the deadline are forwarded with a numerical grade and letter to the Institute for International Education (IIE).

(Page last modified: November 9, 2017)