Students with disabilities

Dorothy Johansen House
Theresa Lowrie, Director of Disabilities Support Services. Extension 7921 (503-517-7921)

Reed College is committed to providing equal opportunity and meaningful access for all qualified students. The college works individually with students to assess current documentation and to provide or establish the most suitable and reasonable accommodations and services given the context of a particular class, professor's pedagogy, or area of campus. Accommodations may include, but are not limited to: testing accommodations, note taking assistance, assistive technology, and/or alternate format texts; communication with faculty members regarding academic accommodations; referrals for educational testing and diagnosis; and the elimination of educational barriers when reasonable and appropriate.

Students are responsible for contacting the disabilities office with their requests and for providing the necessary documentation needed to determine eligibility.

Information about disabilities services and documentation requirements can be found here.

Students who have a disability (defined by law as an impairment that substantially limits a major life activity) or think they might have a disability should speak with the director of disabilities services.

(Page last modified: November 29, 2023)