Petition for Waiver of Policy

A petition is a formal request for an exception to established academic policy. The form and instructions are also available in the registrar’s office. It is often helpful for students to consult with their adviser, the associate registrar, or a dean in student life prior to completing the petition form. These faculty and staff members can explain the rationale for a particular policy and advise the student regarding the petitioning process. In all cases, the signature of the adviser and an indication of whether or not the adviser supports the petition are required. It is often necessary to have the signature of other appropriate people (such as course instructors in the case of late drops and adds). It may be useful to attach supporting materials to the petition (for example, a physician’s statement if the requested exception is due to medical factors). In some cases, approval of a petition for waiver of a deadline will result in the assessment of a fine. Fines can range from $25 to $100 depending on previous petitions, egregious lateness, etc.

(Page last modified: July 10, 2021)