Requirements for the degree

To be eligible to receive the bachelor of arts degree from Reed College, students must fulfill eight general college requirements: 30 units of academic work, college distribution requirements (including Humanities 110), the physical education requirement, major department requirements, divisional requirements (except for the Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Division of Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, and Linguistics, which have no divisional requirements), junior qualifying examination, senior thesis, and senior oral examination. To be eligible for graduation, students must complete two full years of study at Reed (a minimum of 15 academic units), including the senior or thesis year, in which a student must complete a minimum of six academic units.

The degree progress evaluation, sent to students each fall, informs students of their progress with respect to general college requirements. Keeping track of departmental and divisional requirements is the responsibility of the individual student. Students should discuss their particular set of requirements with their advisers. Questions should be directed to the adviser regarding departmental and divisional requirements, and to the registrar’s office regarding general college requirements.

(Page last modified: March 17, 2014)