Add/drop, change of section

Students are responsible for all courses for which they register. Failure to attend a class does not result in a course being dropped from a student's schedule. Even if a student has never attended the class, the student must drop the course via SOLAR by the deadline in order to drop or withdraw from the class. 

Students may add academic courses to their schedules via SOLAR during the first two weeks of classes. This requires an "Add Period" override in IRIS set by all instructor(s) whose courses are to be added. To change between sections of a course, students must make the change via SOLAR. This requires the instructor's override. Students may only change sections in the first two weeks of the semester.

Students may add PE courses via SOLAR with an override from the director of Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Programs during the first two weeks of each quarter.

Students may drop courses via SOLAR. A "Drop Period" override set by the student's academic adviser is required to drop a course beginning the third week of the semester.

Monday of the sixth week of each semester is the deadline to drop semester courses without a W grade. Students will need a Drop Period override to withdraw from a course via SOLAR. If a student drops a semester course after the drop deadline, but before Monday of the tenth week of the semester, a grade of W will be recorded on the transcript as an official withdrawal.

In order to drop a full-year course without a W, the course must be dropped by Monday of the tenth week of the fall semester. If a yearlong course is dropped after that date, but before the sixth week in spring, a grade of W will be recorded for both semesters.

After the deadlines to withdraw from courses, the grade earned for each enrolled course will be recorded.

Add/drop deadlines may be waived in unusual circumstances only by the approval of a petition to the Administration Committee. A fine may be imposed if the petition is approved.

(Page last modified: September 27, 2022)