GLS Symposium 2015


Grove dorms

We have reserved two dormitories (Aspen and Sequoia) in The Grove for symposium use.  The Grove is located on the north end of campus, behind the Community Safety Office at 28 West.  All resdience halls are non-smoking and co-ed.  There are both single and divided double rooms; divided doubles are separated by a walled division and share a common door into the hallway. Bathrooms are shared and can be designated single sex. There are enough rooms for everyone to have a single, or to use a divided double as a single or for an accompanied guest.

The cost is $45/person/night. Reservations and payment can be made on the registration page.

The Grove was completed in 2008 and are some of our newest buildings on campus. The architects set out to create buildings that have a strong sense of community, yet are as small and inviting as a house. The four Grove buildings - Aspen, Bidwell, Sitka and Sequoia - form a quad on the north side of campus and each building has a large first floor made up of mostly common spaces. All four buildings feature first-floor living and dining areas and kitchens, tv and media rooms, study rooms, a laundry room, plus outdoor terraces for socializing. The buildings share a common vocabulary of red brick and stucco, with slate-shingle gabled roofs trimmed in copper.  Our newest buildings are designed with sustainability in mind, and are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.  The residence hall's "green" features include landscaping that filters storm water runoff into a natural spring; ventilation stacks built to resemble chimneys that will cool the buildings naturally; and an array of environmentally sensitive materials such as flooring, window glass, and roof tiles.