Faculty Profiles

Paul Silverstein

Professor of Anthropology
Anthropology Department
Division of History and Social Sciences

Paul A. Silverstein is a cultural anthropologist of North Africa and the North African diaspora. He holds a PhD in anthropology from the University of Chicago and has been at Reed since 2000. He is author of Postcolonial France: Race, Islam and the Future of the Republic (Pluto, 2018) and Algeria in France: Transpolitics, Race, and Nation (Indiana, 2004), and co-editor (with Ussama Makdisi) of Memory and Violence in the Middle East and North Africa (Indiana, 2006) and (with Jane Goodman) of Bourdieu in Algeria: Colonial Politics, Ethnographic Practices, Theoretical Developments (Nebraska, 2009). He is completing an ethnography on Amazigh/Berber ethno-politics, historical consciousness, and development in southeastern Morocco, and has been pursuing new research on the history and politics of immigrant labor in the coal mines of post-war Europe. He chairs the board of directors of the Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP).

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