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faculty photo imageJamie Pommersheim

Katharine Piggott Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics and Statistics Department
Division of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Jamie Pommersheim, Katharine Piggott Professor of Mathematics, joined the Reed faculty in 2004. He held post-doctoral positions at the Institute for Advanced Study, M.I.T., and U.C. Berkeley, and served on the mathematics faculty at New Mexico State University and Pomona College. Pommersheim has published research papers in a wide variety of areas, including algebraic geometry, number theory, and topology. Much of his recent work centers around quantum computation, specifically quantum learning algorithms. For many years, Pommersheim has taught talented high-school students at Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth (CTY), as well as the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics (HCSSiM). His 2010 number theory text, co-written with Tim Marks and Erica Flapan, provides a rigorous yet leisurely-paced introduction to the subject.

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