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faculty photo imageRadhika Natarajan

Associate Professor of History and Humanities
History Department
Division of History and Social Sciences

Radhika Natarajan is a historian of Modern Imperial Britain, with particular interests in ethnicity, migration, decolonization, social democracy and multiculturalism. She is writing a book on engagements between social workers and migrants to Britain from the decolonizing empire, examining how these interactions transformed older, imperial frameworks of community and difference into contemporary multiculturalism. She has recently published an article in the Journal of British Studies on the Commonwealth Arts Festival of 1965, an important moment when the nations of the former empire came together to perform their post-imperial association. She received her PhD in 2013 from the University of California, Berkeley. She joined the Reed faculty in 2014 as Assistant Professor of History and Humanities. At Reed, she offers courses in British, Imperial and twentieth century history and also teaches in the college’s first-year interdisciplinary course, Humanities 110.

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