Faculty Profiles

faculty photo imageDavid T. Garrett

Richard F. Scholz Professor of History and Humanities
History Department
Division of History and Social Sciences

I teach Latin American history, and classical and early modern European humanities. As the only Latin Americanist and Iberianist in the history department, I try to offer a broad array of classes, focusing on social, religious, and ethnohistory; generally I teach one colonial and one modern class a year. Recent offerings have been Catholicism in the Early Modern Spanish World; the Incas; the Maya; Race and Ethnicity in the Andes; the United States and Latin America; Labor in Modern Latin America; and the Mexican Revolution. My research and publications focus on colonial Cusco [Peru]. Earlier work on the Incas include Shadows of Empire: The Indian Nobility of Cusco, 1750-1825 (Cambridge, 2005) and several articles. At present I am working the geography of late 17th-century Cusco and the role of royal government in this mid-colonial society; this project has produced several articles to date. Among grants and awards I’ve won since joining Reed in 1998 are Marjorie Millicent McIntosh Fellowship from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation (2006-8) and the Alice Adams Fellowship at the John Carter Brown Library (2015); and, for articles, the James Alexader Robinson Prize (2005), the Tibesar Prize (2008), and the Franklin Pease G.Y. Prize (2012, runner-up). I have a BA from Yale in Political Philosophy, an MA from Harvard in History, and an MPhil and PhD from Columbia in History.

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