Faculty Profiles

faculty photo imageJeremy Coate '92

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
Biology Department
Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Jeremy Coate is a proud alumnus of Reed College (BA, Biology), and has an MS in Forest Science from Oregon State University and a PhD in Plant Cell and Molecular Biology from Cornell University. He joined the Reed Faculty in fall 2017 and will teach Genetics and (tentatively) a seminar course in Bioinformatics. Jeremy is interested in understanding how plant genomes evolve following whole genome duplication (polyploidy), and how polyploid plants utilize their duplicated genomes to produce novel phenotypes. He uses high-throughput sequencing to quantify transcriptional responses to genome duplication, and utilizes this information to better understand patterns of genome evolution as well as the genetic/genomic basis for polyploidy-induced physiological traits. He is particularly interested in phenotypes relating to light stress, including excess visible light and UV-B radiation. He is currently a co-Principal Investigator on a grant from the National Science Foundation to quantify global shifts in gene expression following genome duplication.

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