Economics 201

Introduction to Economic Analysis

Fall 2010

Jeffrey Parker, Reed College

Topics for Naturalist Discussion


Thursday, November 18

We will discuss the following topics that were submitted as economic naturalist assignments. The topics were selected based on my perception of the degree to which they extend our class analysis in ways that are interesting both analytically and topically. There were many other excellent submission that could have been selected, but time limits us to six discussions.

The times shown below are approximate. We may run over with some discussions and finish early with others.

7:10 Shawn Flanigan, Prices of Pox Nora cards
7:25 Junior Rodriguez, Pricing of Microsoft Office
7:40 Shruti Korada, Why do CEOs get criticized for their high salaries while actors and athletes do not?
8:00 Alanna Hoyman-Browe, Bell-pepper prices
8:15 Lily García, Coffee and bagel prices in Portland and New York
8:30 Ethan Pettyjohn, Puget Sound ferry fares