Reed College Catalog

Introductory courses in the Division of Mathematical and Natural Sciences help students become familiar with elementary principles that form a basis for understanding each discipline. Instruction clarifies methods of observation, experimentation, analysis, and reasoning by which insight is gained into the nature of the mathematical and physical worlds. Introductory and advanced courses in the mathematical and the natural sciences are planned as part of students’ education in the liberal arts. Advanced courses in different scientific fields extend students’ knowledge and give them training in specialized techniques characteristic of the individual sciences.

An important part of a science student’s experience at Reed is the thesis, an independent project of research or critical or creative work carried out under the guidance of a faculty member. Students who have an interest in engineering, computer science, or forestry and environmental sciences may participate in dual degree programs with Reed and cooperating institutions in the Portland area and beyond.

By national standards, an unusually high percentage of graduates of the division continue their work in graduate school.

Divisional Requirements

The Division of Mathematical and Natural Sciences has no requirements of its own. Students in the division must fulfill all requirements for the department in which they major, as well as general college requirements.

Computer Science