Reed College Catalog

General College Affairs 
John R. Kroger, President, 503-777-7500

Academic Affairs, Faculty Appointments 
Nigel Nicholson, Dean of the Faculty, 503-777-7258

Academic Policies, Student Records, Transcripts 
Nora McLaughlin, Registrar, 503-777-7793

Milyon Trulove, Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, 503-777-7511

Alumni Affairs 
Michael Teskey, Director of Alumni & Parent Relations, 503-777-7589

Business Affairs 
Lorraine J. Arvin, Vice President and Treasurer, 503-777-7240

Business Office 
Tracy Frantel, Controller, 503-777-7505

Career Development, Internships/Externships, Community Service
Ron Albertson, Director of the Center for Life Beyond Reed, 503-777-7550

College Relations 
Hugh Porter, Vice President for College Relations, 503-788-6604 
Jan Kurtz, Director of Development, 503-777-7578 
Mandy Heaton, Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs, 503-777-7289

Community Safety 
Gary Granger, Director of Community Safety, 503-777-7379

Financial Assistance 
Leslie Limper, Director of Financial Aid, 503-777-7223

Human Resources
Michelle Valintis, Director of Human Resources, 503-777-7704

Off-Campus Programs 
Paul DeYoung, Director of International Programs, 503-777-7290

Residence Life 
Amy Schuckman, Assistant Dean of Residence Life, 503-777-7536

Special Programs: Graduate Studies and Young Scholars 
Barbara Amen, Director of Special Programs, 503-777-7259

Student Services
Mike Brody, Vice President & Dean of Student Services, 503-777-7521