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Please note that Student Charge Accounts are different from the Web Accounts on our online store, and no information is shared between the two accounts. The Student Charge Account allows you to purchase both in-store and online. The Web Account is necessary for our e-commerce provider to process your web transactions regardless of your payment method. if you want to use your Student Charge Account to pay for web purchases, you need to fill out this form as well as set up your web account when you check out for the first time.

The following terms and conditions apply to your Student Charge Account with the Reed College Bookstore. Your submission of this form implies agreement to our terms and conditions, so please read the following information with care.

The Bookstore Student Account is an open store charge account without interest or fees. It can be set up as an open charge account, or as a debit account, with funds on deposit. If you would prefer a different, more limited, option please let us know. Accounts may be set up for billing to go directly to the student, a parent, or another responsible party. Full payment within 30 days is expected, although the bookstore will accept monthly partial payments over the course of the semester, with the total paid in full by semester end. We accept checks, cash, and credit cards at the bookstore, and online payments through the "Pay Your Account" link on our website,

Bookstore statements are produced at the end of the month, and email is our preferred method of delivery. Due to billing system limitations, statements are in summary form, without purchase detail. Copies of the itemized cash register receipts go to the student at the time of purchase, so if a parent would like to see what items were purchased, we encourage the student to send copies of their receipts to the parent, or we can run a detail report upon request at any time.

Charge account privileges may be suspended and/or permanently revoked at the discretion of the bookstore accountant on accounts that are past due. Accounts which become 60 days past due without any payment will be suspended until they are brought current. Accounts reaching 90 days past due will be permanently closed and the account balance will be transferred to the student's tuition account for collection.

Please contact us with any questions at (503) 777-7287 or email

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