Web Resources

Family Slide Show
& Quiz
- a series of pages (organized by plant family) presenting flower images that includes an on-line interactive quiz that you can use to test your knowledge of flowering plant families
Library Research
-a guide to print and on-line library resources that will assist you in finding referenecs from the scientific literature (prepared by Linda Maddux).

Bio 332 Course folder

(Google shared drive)

- lecture handouts, class datasets, lecture and lab powerpoints are available for our class. When you log into Google drive with your Reed (Kerberos) log-in name and password, you will have access to a shared drive called "Biology Department Resources" that the Biology Department uses to provide access to resources for our classes (two-step authentication with Duo mobile is required).
Data @ Reed Web pages with resources for data analysis using R, Excel and Stata (hosted by CIS, the Library, and the DoJo)..
Guide to statistics with JMP - also available in your Bio Binder from Bio 101/102. This link goes to the shared Biology  Dept. google drive with the complete pdf set of Bio Binder files.  PDF #3 has the Quantitative Sections which include a primer on statistics and methods for completing basic analyses using JMP (two-step authentication may be required with Duo mobile to get to this resource).
PCR-RFLP results for mustard taxa Image files for each chloroplast DNA digest (also posted in lab).
PopBio/JMP download Both software packages are OS X compatible.  PopBio is free to use.  JMP requires an annual license renewal available to Reed community members.
Reed Canyon - biology of the Reed College Canyon natural area.
Trees of Reed College - the species of trees planted on the Reed College campus can now be searched with this map-referenced on-line database.

Columbia River Gorge wildflowers

- the Columbia River Gorge is an outstanding area for wildflower viewing and study.

Orgnaized hikes are routinely offered by the Friends of the Columbia Gorge and the Native Plant Society of Oregon (Portland Chapter hikes).

Flora Northwest is a wonderful website with flowering time reports for the Columbia River Gorge and with an extensive collection of wildflower images.

Wildflower Search - this website provides a number of ways to identify native wildflwoers of the western US, and uses herbarium data to report location (including elevation) and bloooming times.
Native Plant Society of Oregon - the NPSO provides several opportunities for epople intersted in Native Plants, including monthly meetings with intersting presentaitons and frequent feildtrips during the flowering season. The Portland Chapter lists upcoming meetings and hikes/fieldtrips at their website.
Rae S. Berry Seed Bank & Conservation Program - the Berry Seed Bank (formerly the Brerry Botanic Garden located in SW Portland; now at PSU) has a plant conservation program that includess a seed bank of rare and endangered species.  They provide opportunities for both volunteer positions and summer internships.