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Bio 332 Flower Identification Page!

This website was constructed for students in my upper-division Biology course in Vascular Plant Diversity (BIO332). It is designed to test your ability to identify plants to the proper family for a subset of 29 flowering plant families that we study in lab each year. The quiz provides images of representative flowers from each family in a randomized order (three to five images are available per family, with 114 images total in the quiz). You must correctly identify the family name for each flower to proceed with the quiz. The quiz will end only when you decide to stop - images will continue to load as long as you continue to provide answers. Your success is not monitored by the quiz, so you need to keep track for yourself if you want a tally of the number of images you've correctly identified.

If you would like to see these same flower images presented in a more orderly fashion (by family), there is a slide show available that does this.

Important Notes:

  • Images on these pages are not to be used for commercial purposes without the written consent of Keith Karoly - kkaroly@reed.edu.
  • This quiz should work fine on any browser capable of handling frames and JavaScripts (i.e. Netscape 3.0 and above, Internet Explorer 4.0 and above). It does not work on any earlier versions of those programs.
  • You might want to turn off the volume for "alert sounds" on your computer before you start the quiz. Answering each question produces an alert, and the constant beeping might drive you nuts.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Send e-mail to kkaroly@reed.edu

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