Readings:   Spring 2024

Reading will be available from either the library's ejournals collection (linked in the table below), PDFs posted to the Shaed Google Drive for the course, or the library's 3-hour reserve (print media).

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Date* Location Reading

Jan 22

etext, website

for review: Clark et al. 2018. Biology, 2e. OpenStax. Chs. 19.1 & 19.2
Nature Education's Scitable website has brief summaries of the Hardy-Weinberg Principle and the evolutionary forces of Natural Selection, Genetic Drift & Gene Flow.

Jan 26 ejournals Rieseberg, LH & JH Willis. 2007. Plant speciation. Science 317: 910-914.
Feb 2 ejournals Mayr, E. 1992. A local flora and the biological species concept. American Journal of Botany 79: 222-238. [focus on Part B, pp. 231-236]

Knapp, S. 2008.  Species concepts and floras: what are species for?  Biological Journal of the Linnean Society  95: 17-25

for lab weeks 2-5 ejournals Baum, et al. 2005. The tree-thinking challenge. Science 310: 979-980.
Feb 12

Widmer, A, C Lexer, & S Cozzolino. 2009. Evolution of reproductive isolation in plants. Heredity 102: 31-38.

Feb 16

Chari, J, & P Wilson. 2001. Factors limiting hybridization between Penstemon spectabilis and Penstemon centranthifolius. Canadian Journal of Botany 79: 1439–1448.

Feb 26

McNeilly, T.  1967.  Evolution in closely adjacent plant populations.  III.  Agrostis tenuis on a small copper mine.  Heredity 23: 99-108

Savolainen, V, M Anstett, C Lexer, I Hutton, JJ Clarkson, MV Norup, MP Powell, D Springate, N Salamin, and WJ Baker. 2006. Sympatric speciation in palms on an oceanic island. Nature 441: 210-213.

Mar 18

Goulet, BE, F Roda, & R Hopkins.  2017.  Hybridization in plants: old ideas, new techniques.  Plant Physiology 173: 65-78.

Mar 25

Ramsey, J, & TS Ramsey. 2014. Ecological studies of polyploidy in the 100 years following its discovery. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, B 369: 20130352.

Apr 3

Clark et al. 2018. Biology, 2e.  OpenStax text.   Chapter 25: Seedless plants. and Chapter 26: Seed plants.

Apr 5

Niklas, K, B Tiffney, B. & A Knoll.  1983. . Patterns in vascular land plant diversification. Nature 303: 614–616.

Apr 10

Linkies, A, K Graeber, C Knight, & G Leubner-Metzger. 2010.  The evolution of seeds.  New Phytologist 186: 817-831.

Apr 19
Friedman, WE, and SK Floyd. 2001. Perspective: The origin of flowering plants and their reproductive biology - A tale of two phylogenies. Evolution 55: 217-231.
Apr 22
Hernández-Hernández, T & JJ Wiens.  2020.  Why are there so many flowering plants? a multiscale analysis of plant diversification.  American Naturalist 195: 948–963.

*expected date for lecture dicsussion of each reading


On reserve in the Reed College Library

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Briggs & Walters (1997) Plant Variaiton and Evolution, 3rd ed.

  Book cover

Judd et al. (2016) Plant Systematics: a phylogenetic approach, 4th ed.