Students in the lab are encouraged to participate in the growing Science Outreach program, for which Kara serves as faculty advisor and supervisor.

Kara enjoys sharing her work with all types of audiences. As a part of the OMSI lecture series, she discussed how studying retinal development in fish can provide new insight into the early stages of cancer. And as a participant in NerdNite, she shared how stem cells and photovoltaic cells are changing the ways we see. Before coming to Reed, Kara shared her perspective on science and biological research by organizing interdisciplinary poster sessions and discussion groups at Goodenough College, collaborating with artists, visiting schools and hosting school groups.

One of Kara's imagimage of retinal stem and progenitors cells in 3 dpf zebrafishes has become rather famous, gracing the halls of the Wellcome Image Collection in London, the MIT Koch Gallery, and a recent cover of the Lodish Molecular Cell Biology textbook. It's even been found as sponsored graffiti on the streets of Dublin!

Biology is truly beautiful. It's her hope that this and other microscopic views will inspire and excite everyone about science.