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Truman Scholarship Internal Application Instructions

This scholarship requires applicants to be nominated by Reed College. Complete the internal application in order to compete for a nomination from the college. Nomination decisions will be made by the Reed faculty Fellowships & Awards Committee.

Be sure to read through the materials in the Advice and Guidance section of the Truman website as they offer a lot more guidance than most national awards tend to do. Please also note that the Truman Scholarship requires that applicants be in the top 25% of their class, based on GPA. Class percentiles are only calculated upon graduating from Reed. Thus, you’ll have to refer to the Reed Registrar's Office webpage if you are not sure of your GPA and/or how it translates to class percentiles. You can also email and we can tell you if you're eligible for this scholarship.

Internal Application Deadline

November 2nd, 2022, at 12:00 PM noon, Pacific Time

Application Steps

If you have problems with any part of this process, please feel free to ask questions at

Online Application

Request access to the application by emailing and letting us know you would like to apply for the Truman. Complete all parts of the online application on the Truman website and check the box in Step 10 called "Send Application to Faculty Rep for Review" by the internal application deadline. You'll need to stop working on your application at this point.

If you are nominated by Reed College you'll have the opportunity to continue to work on your application before the national deadline. Note: once you've been invited to the application, there's a profile page. Fill out the information requested on this page except for the "bio" and the photo upload. Those two items will only be requested if you are nominated by Reed and then selected as a Finalist by the Truman Foundation.

Reed Transcript

Email your Reed transcript to by the internal application deadline. You can request a free transcript from the Registrar's office for fellowship applications if you wish.

Letters of Recommendation

For the internal application, you will need to have two letter writers email internal letters to on your behalf by the internal application deadline. Assign each letter writer to write for you on a different one of the categories below. Each letter should address a different category:

  • Leadership Abilities and Potential
  • Commitment to a Career in Public Service
  • Intellect and prospects for continuing academic success
Keep in mind that you'll need three letters (one for each category) for the national competition if you are nominated. Read more about the Truman Scholarship's guidance for recommendation letters on their website.


You will need to complete this online waiver form as the final step in submitting your internal application.

Waiver Form

Next Steps

You should hear back within a week whether or not you've been nominated by the committee and Reed College.

If you are nominated by the college you can continue to work on your application, and let your two recommenders know, along with a third, that you'll need final letters from them in advance of the national deadline. Refer to the Truman website for guidance on requesting letters. Final letters will also be emailed directly to

If selected as a finalist by the Truman Foundation, you will have an interview with the Finalists Selection Committee in March or early April.

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